Something I’ve avoided talking about, despite it being an incredibly large passion of mine, is comics. I love them. All kinds. Especially indie comics though, or perhaps anything not relating to superpowers and their superpowered drama.

So while Cameron Stewart does some of that superhero stuff, he also does some amazing stuff like Sin Titulo. It follows a fellow named Alex who gets caught up in some bizarre happenings following the death of his grandfather, and his possible descent into insanity… or maybe it’s not about that at all. Find out for yourself!

In addition, the art is amazing. Keeping it low-sat beiges and giving us these incredibly stylish and emotional heavy blacks helps us effortlessly feel the mood at any given time, precisely the way Stewart wants us to feel it. The simplified face of Alex immediately helps us connect with him, and yet the detail in some of the gore and other more intense shots are really engrossing.

The comic is told in a mix of present and flashback sequences, giving us a good balance of understanding Alex’s past and slowing down the action so as not to give it all to us at once.

It’s ongoing, so you should check it out!

Post by Josh McKenzie

Amon always smells nice and is an illustrator and designer.


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