I had a lot of fun with this one, though it took a while to get it somewhere I was happy with. I’ve only just watched through the first season of Hannibal and was inspired by all the moody shots of Mads’ menacing stare.

Mads as Hannibal Lecter

Mads as Hannibal Lecter

Just to get started with posting personal works, here are some of the portraits I’ve been doing over the last week.


Whew, it’s been a long while since any of us have posted. It’s been an extremely busy 6 months or so for all of us involved here, between life and personal projects many of our collaborations had to be put on hold. Things are changing now, I’m excited to be working on my own art again and to be back in touch with my busy friends. We’ve all come to realize we greatly prefer actually making art to commenting on or posting about it, and this is going to be reflected in Undercover Robot immediately.

That being said, all of the old posts are still going to stay up, there’s a good deal of pretty interesting resources in there so it would be a shame to clean the slate entirely. I also still appreciate the effort that was put in to make the posts as professional and interesting as they were.

From here on out, Undercover Robot will be dedicated to my personal works, and collaborations with the UR team. Starting right now!

Art is a scary place, my friends.

Just from the outside, it’s not that pleasant to look at. You don’t have to step within ten feet of it before the stench of pretentious douchery is stinging your eyes and burning your nostrils. Those who manage to hold their noses and go a bit deeper will find that it doesn’t get a lot better. The clamoring for attention, the endless arguments and debates over trivial matters, the swarming cries of “You fail!” drowning out the voices of constructive reason. And those are all before you even start trying to MAKE art. When people decide that they want to avoid the art world altogether, it’s hard to blame them for it.

Creating art is an excruciatingly long and tedious process whose tangible payoffs are rare. Most people deal with this by giving up on art, or by withdrawing into themselves and refusing to improve or expand in any way. All of us at Undercover Robot have probably done both at some point. We all can probably think of a thousand reasons to just stop making it at all.

And yet…

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